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Beijing XiZeRuiCheng Trade Co.Ltd.is a professional natural casing producer and exporter for over 25 years. We are certificated to export to EU, UK, Brazil, Japan and other countries. And our products are very popular with both distributors and customers. Except for casings, we also provide other trade products, such as handbag, electric battery, wine, updating

Quality We Provied

Our QC managers have a wealth of knowledge, skill and ability in all aspects of quality products and are eager to provide support and feedback to our customers. Food quality assurance and food safety is our aim.

Our Company team successfully produces the highest quality product in a sustainable working environment, to ensure that we can consistently supply a superior product to our discerning customers.


The Beijing XiZeRuiCheng Trade Co Ltd is a name that is counted among the top professional natural sheep casings suppliers, and manufacturers who’ve been exporting these items from the past two decades, and five years. We are officially certified to export our products in various countries of the world including; Brazil, Japan, EU, UK, and to name a few.

Our products are well appreciated and highly demanded by both customers and distributors. Apart from producing exceptional sausage, and salted natural sheep casings, our manufacturing services also includes producing handbag, electric battery, and wines.

Since we’re affiliated with some reputable and reliable collagen producers in the world, so we also provide supreme quality collagen casings.

Why you must choose us?

Because we provide all that any professional casing supplier is expected to provide. We own an extensive collection of fibrous casings from all around the world, as well as we’re able to manufacture a diversified range of fibrous casing diameters, including different casing sizes. Our products come with excellent caliber uniformity and treating properties.

Whatever kind of casing you select from our production; be it natural, sausage or salted natural sheep casings, each of this variety can greatly the taste of your sausage, and will you a joyful experience while making delicious cuisines, and foods. For your further convenience, we’ve compiled all of our sausage casings by type. All of them are available in multiple types and sizes.

Good Quality is our Guarantee!

All of our manufactured items are inspected via strict quality control system as our QC team holds a treasure of knowledge, efficient skills, and good ability in all aspects of quality products; hence they’re eager to provide support and feedback to all their valuable customers. Our basic motto is to provide food safety and quality assurance.

Our working team produces successful quality products in a supportable working environment, and they make sure that we are able enough to provide a consistently superior product to our all customers.

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