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A Look At Different Types of Sausage Casings

A Look At Different Types of Sausage Casings

Posted on: June 23rd, 2020

Sausage Casings are also known as the sausage skin, or simply casings, this is the material that encloses the filling of the sausage. Natural casings are produced from the intestines of the animals or skins. The Artificial casings were introduced in the late 20th century, and are made from cellulose and collagen.

After that, the material is then shaped by a continuous extrusion process- producing the casing for one single sausage of a certain length. Which is then cut into the desired length, usually when the extrusion process is continued.

How to Cook Natural Casing?

Natural casings have been eaten and been used for centuries and are still in use, and are the most popular choice now because of the “snap” they make when they are bitten. They are also very flexible Tender, easy to fill or stuff, and are quite durable to hold up the smokehouse processing.

The natural Casings come packed in either salt or saline solution. The casing that is packed in the salt must have to be flushed then to be soaked overnight before the stuffing process. The pre-flush casings are ready to be stuffed after a 20 min soak in the warm water. Both of them can be repacked in the salt and then stored in the freezer for up to almost a year.


Types of Sausage Casing


Collagen Casings

The collagen casings are processed casings; edible casings are made from the collagen in pig hides or cows, bones, tendons. But they don’t give much of a snap when they bite, they are inexpensive and provide a more uniformly in the weight and size as compared to their natural counterparts.

Collagen casings are packed in sheets around a tube or a cylinder shape, that can be easily loaded in the stuffing horn, with no soaking required. They come in two kinds based on the processing.

Fresh / Natural Casing

As the name already tells, the fresh collagen casings are used especially for the fresh sausages like the bratwurst and the breakfast. These are more tender casings that cannot stand hanging in the smokehouse.

Smoke Casing

The smoked or the processed ones are the casings that are great for any kind of smoked sausages like the wieners or the snack sticks. Their durability holds up a lot more than the Fresh ones when they are hung on the smokestacks for the processing and are available in clear and without any taste variation.

Before choosing anyone, one tip I would like to share with you that always go for reliable sausages casing supplier who know what to provide as per required application.



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