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Start Your Day With This Perfect Breakfast Sausage Meal!

Start Your Day With This Perfect Breakfast Sausage Meal!

Posted on: June 16th, 2020

No matter how interesting, healthy, or light breakfast you take – as per your daily requirement – on daily basis, yet at some point we get rid of eating one thing daily, isn’t it?  Change is requirement of human nature, at least for weekends we need something new and exciting right?

Today I have got something amazing, guess what? Try sausage breakfast recipe this weekend, very easy to make, healthy to eat, and best for kids, adults. Either you make it with collagen casing, or salted natural sheep casings, it is best to make with any sausage type.

So, shall we start?


The recipe requires the following ingredients;

  •          Onion                         1  / diced
  •           Sausages                  4 / sliced
  •         Tomato                     ½
  •        Sweet pepper            ¼
  •         Olive Oil                      3 tbsp
  •        Worcester Shire        Few dashes
  • Sauce

Cooking Directions;

Dice one onion and slice 4 sausages, slice sausages on a bias to allow for proper browning

We are building a flavor in the beginning before anything even hits a hot pan. The more surface area means more flavor. Slice with a med – thin thickness to stretch out sausages, discard the lower 1/3 of asparagus and slice the remainder. Now dice ½ tomato and ¼ of sweet pepper

Drizzle 3 tbsp of olive oil into frying pan set at med – high flame. Toss in the sausages first, sauté it for approximate 3 – 4 minutes. Let it render for a bit ass it turns brown then start adding onions. Add salt and pepper. The reason for adding salt is, it helps onion to sweat and bring out their full flavor

Give it a toss, then sauté for other 3 – 4 minutes. Let the onions to turn brown slowly, this will make them taste more sweeter, the color will go from white to yellow in the process. Now add rest f vegetables mentioned before like tomatoes, then few dashes of Worcester Shire Sauce, then again give a final toss

Here you go, the scrumptious sausage breakfast is ready to serve! the best way to use salted natural sheep casings in your cuisine, do you agree?

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